Minty Melon
Mango juice mixed with Monin Melon syrup and fresh mint.

Blend of pineapple juice,grenadine and Monin passion fruit syrup.

Orange juice and grenadine with a unique blend of peach and rose flavors.

Blue Pacifico
Pineapple juice mixed with sweet & sour and Monin Blue Curacao.

Green apple mixed with sweet & sour with a hint of mint flavoring.

Texas Twister
A medley of orange juice & pineapple juice mixed with chipotle pineapple syrup.

Flavored Cola
Cherry,Vanilla or chocolate.

Bottled Beverages

Mineral Water (Small)  
Mineral Water (Large)  
Perrier Water             
Non-Alcoholic Beer     


Pomegranate Mojitos
Our classic mojito with pomegranate juice.

Classic Mojitos
Fresh mint,lemonade and Monin Mojito Mix,served frozen or on the rocks.
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